How to Cut Meringue Pie Without Making a Mess #kitchentip

I know it’s not Thursday, but discovering how to do this will make this morning’s recipe so much better!  Read on…

So, you have made a meringue-topped pie.  You may have even made one from scratch, like I did recently.  Now, how to cut meringue without ending up with a gargantuan disaster.

Knife Sprayed With Cooking Spray to Help Cut Meringue Pie

Grease your cutting knife.  I sprayed mine with vegetable oil, but you could just as easily run it through a pound of butter or rub some oil on it.

Buttered knife cutting through meringue

The knife will magically slide through the meringue without crushing it.  You may need to spray/butter it after each cut.  The pretty pie pieces that result are well worth it.

Clean cut through meringue pie

As you can see, the knife cut is super clean and now all your hard work will look as good as it tastes.

How To Cut Meringue Pie

Now, go enjoy your pie and the accolades for creating such a beautiful piece of artwork.

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