Blog Post Hack: Celebrating #twelveyears

Today is Nov. 17th, 2013 and twelve years ago I married my best friend (MBAMama). This year Mama and Dada decided that we would skip our usual afternoon and evening out since we are so busy. Instead it is to me a quiet evening (after the 4 E’s are asleep) with Chinese takeout and maybe a movie.

I decided it would be fun for me to also hack into Mama’s corner on blogging and put together this post in celebration of our years together. It all started at University with a Teaching Assistant pizza party and then came the silver dress at a formal. Since that time we have not looked back, as Mama is fond of saying you are either in or your out – there is no in between.

Sure we have had bumps in the road, heck in those early years there was so much construction on the road that it felt like we were never going to move forward. At times we even had other people on the roadway take us on detours that made the route even rougher or others still who wanted to help offering what they felt was a better route only for us to find it did not smooth out the bumps. But in time we learned to better move together and find our own way. You see that is the critical piece that took me far too long to better understand, I say better because it is something I knew when we started. However, knowing something and learning to live it out are different.

So on this the twelfth year of our journey, I feel truly blessed to have found such a precious and gracious wife (Pro 18:22). After all these years Mama is Still The One (see song below) that makes my heart swell, still the one who understands me and us better then I, still the one I look forward to seeing when I come home, still the one who is my best friend. I would not trade the past twelve years or the lessons we have learned (or the many I have learned). As a result we now have a love and marriage that is stronger and starting to age like the proverbial wine.

Thank you Mama for your years of love, support and dedication to us; you are truly loved and cherished. I look forward to our future, to watching our E’s grow up, to making more memories, to making our own way and of course to growing old together.

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