Christmas Crackers #DIY Craft

Materials for making Christmas Crackers
Materials for making Christmas crackers

I won’t take credit for this idea: that honour belongs to my friend, Ange. She amazes me at how early she plans most holidays, especially Christmas. Ange is always the first one to decorate her house (before the end of November) so in August when she showed me the first batch of Christmas crackers I wasn’t all that surprised that she was planning for the holidays already. When she said that she was making more, I suggested she take photos and jot down the steps needed to complete a cracker and then I would share her project with all of you…Enjoy!!

The total quantity of materials is dependent on how many crackers you need to make. Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Two toilet paper rolls for each finished cracker
  • Sheets of tissue paper – any colour; the quantity of paper depends on the number of crackers required
  • Thin ribbon – any colour and enough to tie both ends of each cracker
  • Trinkets (aka dollar store stuff) & candy – small enough to fit inside a toilet roll
  • Decorative wrapping paper or stickers
  • Scissors and clear tape


Step 1: Cut one of the toilet paper rolls in half.

Toilet Paper Rolls for making your own Christmas Crackers
Two toilet paper rolls are needed for each finished cracker.

Step 2: Cut one sheet of tissue paper so you have three equal sections
Step 3: Place the uncut paper roll in the middle of a section of the tissue paper with the cut pieces (of the second roll) on either side.
Step 4: Stuff trinkets & candy inside the larger, uncut paper roll. Make sure the ‘stuffing’ stays in while you roll or place a piece of tape over the end to keep everything inside.
Step 5: Tape the tissue paper to each roll and cover the rolls completely

Toilet paper rolls wrapped in red tissue paper
Roll the paper rolls until they are covered with tissue.

Step 6: Use clear tape to secure the tissue paper once it’s completely rolled up
Step 7: Tie the sections between the rolls with the ribbon

Ribbon tied on the ends of the Christmas Crackers
Tie ribbon in between the sections of paper roll.

Step 8: Fold the ends of the tissue paper into each end of the cracker so they look tidy and the paper roll is ‘camouflaged’ as much as possible.

Decorating the red Christmas cracker with stickers
Dress up the crackers with decorative paper or stickers.

Step 9: Decorate the middle section of the cracker with foil wrapping paper or stickers

Finished Christmas Cracker
Finished Christmas Cracker


Disclaimer: This is a guest post. No compensation was given to me or Ange to publish this DIY project.

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