Doing Something About This Winter @CanadaBlooms

I have never been a huge fan of winter and this particular winter has done very little to change my opinion.  But if there’s one thing I detest more than this never ending snow and cold, it is people constantly ruminating on how cold and snowy it is.  So, instead, Goose and I are going to do something about it.  No, we don’t have super powers that will bring spring here any faster.  And a warm weather vacation is out of the question.  Nope, we are headed to Canada Blooms to spend the day soaking up the indoor warmth and the smell of moist earth.

Purple Tulips at Canada Blooms

This year’s theme is Wild! – celebrating our native, uncultivated plants.    We will pick up far too many seed catalogues and deck planning pamphlets, to bring home and dream about warmer weather and weekend projects.  E2 and I will pick up an orchid or a violet or some other indoor plant to cheer us through to warmer weather.  The boys will dig in dirt and climb on rocks and examine plants up close.

Children playing at the Earthscapes display at Canada Blooms

A little leery of bringing your clan of little ones with you to a flower show?  Don’t be.  For starters, kids under 13 are free, making this an affordable day trip.  Earthscapes has built a Dinosaur Preserve – a space for children to dig and explore and maybe even climb the 31 ft. long Plesiosaurus.  And there is so much more at the show than just potted plants and dry lectures on the virtues of the begonia (although there is an incredible lineup of experts on stage and some pretty intriguing workshops available). No, no, no.  At regular intervals, there are places to park yourself and your kids.  There are plenty of places to stop and snack.   The exhibits are designed to be walked through, handled, touched, smelled – meaning you won’t be whispering yourself hoarse repeating “Don’t touch that!”  over and over again.  There are loads of families there, with their small ones in tow, so you and your family will fit right in.  Aisles are wide, leaving lots of room for strollers with babies in them and solo adults taking a leisurely stroll.

Boys with shovel in Canada Blooms display

Not sure you could make an entire day out of flowers?  For the second year in a row, Canada Blooms has paired up with the National Home Show.  For the price of one admission, you get both shows.  My inner Dutchwoman just did a frugal backflip.

Green and pink orchid blooms at Canada Blooms

Canada Blooms run from March 14-23 at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto.  The first weekend of the show is last part of March Break here in Ontario, making it a fantastic opportunity to end the week on a warm note.  March 14 is Family Day next door at the National Home Show, with special appearances by Bob the Builder and  free face painting.  There’s also a special hotel rate, in conjunction with the Intercontinental Hotel: Toronto Centre – talk about ending the day in style.

Now, get ready to give yourself a break from this LONG winter and stop to smell the roses.  And begonias.  And wild flowers.  Using the Rafflecopter form below, enter to win your own pair of tickets to this event

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