First Day Of Spring Garden and Flower Book #G!veaway

Today is the first day of spring.  At least, according to the calendar and whomever else believes they are in charge of these things.  It should be noted that, to me, the concept of being ‘in charge’ of the weather is no more accurate than say, being in charge of the world economy or a toddler that has missed his nap time or a woman in labour.  You can report, but you can’t control.

Anyhoo, while I anxiously await the first ‘real’ day of spring, where the sap will run so the maple syrup can flow and my garden won’t be buried until umpteen feet of snow and ice.  The days where I can just send the kids out the door to the bus, without it taking 20  minutes to bundle everyone up.  Real spring, where I can step outside my door and casually clip off a handful of blooms to brighten the indoors.  Until then, I am going to dream and dream big.  I have already started stock piling seeds for the garden, including some for tomatoes.  Yes, I am going to try my hand at starting them from seed instead of purchasing plants.  My seed catalogues are dog eared and highlighted.  The new bulbs the kids bought me for my birthday lie waiting in the cold cellar.  One thing I don’t have to check on is my shovel collection.  No, those are quite OK.  I know because I have had to use them to dig out the storm sewers more than once this winter.

Simple Flower Arranging

So, while I ever so patiently wait for my own blooms to grow (and not just the horrendous clump of quack grass that I found had survived the Polar Vortex), I am going to immerse myself in this book.  Oh, sure, theoretically I could go drop a wad of cash at a florist’s and bring home a ready-made bouquet that’s all spiffied up.  Or I could grab a handful of blooms from my local grocery store, take them home, and turn them into a wonderful piece all by myself.  I think we all know where I stand on this one.

Simple Flower Arranging has step by step instructions, broken down by colour, flower type, container, you name it.  My mother-in-law worked for a time at a florist shop and has always appreciated a bouquet of flowers she can arrange herself, rather than a pricey arrangement.  Now I am beginning to see why.  With a little bit of know how, some floral wire, and a pretty container, you can make all kinds of things!

Small Space Garden Ideas

And because I can only go so long before I actually plant something, Small Space Garden Ideas is full of them.  Ideas, that is.  Ideas for table top water gardens, hanging tea party planters, and even a kid’s indoor growing barnyard.  Once I can get my hands into some ‘real’ dirt, I am going to want to improve even further on last year’s front yard project.   Nothing major – no more first name basis with the guys at the rental equipment store.  But a few hands on, over the weekend projects – I am all over it.  Like making my own concrete planter.  Or building a trellis for some morning glories to grow on.

Book Giveaway

Enticed yet?  I hope so!  One of my lucky Canadian readers has a chance to win a copy of both of these books to begin their spring garden dreaming.  Using the Rafflecopter form below, you will have until April 3, 2014 to enter.  Good luck everybody!

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