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Today, Goose makes us a manly sandwich.  No lettuce or bean sprouts here people.

We have all seen those over-the-top heart attack sandwiches that sit under heat lights at your local fast food joint. You know the ones that replace the bun with breaded chicken breasts or put so much bacon, cheese and meat that you feel like you swallowed a lead balloon. That is sooooo not what we are making for today’s #DIYSandwich.

THIS … this is a real sandwich.

DIYSandwich (2)One that can be proudly eaten for supper and will ensure you have a full stomach for the rest of the night. One where you can actually taste the pastrami, swiss cheese and homemade sauerkraut – is your mouth watering yet??

I started with a fresh Dempster’s® Deluxe Hamburger bun while the oven warmed up (oh yah you have to broil this #DIYSandwich!). Butter the bun and add some nice grainy mustard for a little bit. Next pile the pastrami on the bottom bun and the sauerkraut on the top.

Than its time for the magic! Add 2 pieces of Swiss cheese  – one on each side – and pop it in the oven for about 5 minutes on low broil.

Tip: If you’re really hungry or want to “man-up” add in another bottom bun with even more pastrami and another slice of Swiss. When you ready to assemble add this third layer into the middle and you have a full fledged Pastrami Jedi instead of a Padawan.

This is the gorgeousness you get after a few minutes under the broiler – oohey, gooey yumminess!


You can check out more “Pro-Build” supper sandwiches at the DIYSandwich website.’


DIYSandwich (3)

DIYSandwich (4)










Disclaimer:  MBA Mama is a member of MLF Connects.  As such, she sometimes gets perks and compensation, I just get to eat what is made.  All opinions here, however, are my own.  Mama says so 😉

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