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I just love this plant. It’s bold, earthy flavour. It’s many health benefits and of course who among us cannot recall the wonderful smell of garlic being roasted. The way it fills the kitchen with a warm inviting smell. Now most people prefer to consume this super hero plant by adding it to dishes and unless you’re crazy like me, eating it raw is not for the faint of heart.

This, of course, leads us to today’s Easy Garlic Loaf recipe, where we pick one of the best delivery methods for the lovely Garlic butter Mama mixed up the other week. That of course is some fresh, soft and fluffy Villaggio bread. I mean we have all had restaurant style garlic bread at home, which is fantastic. However, Mama and I wanted to try something different while we watched Saving Mr. Banks (Review coming soon) last weekend.

As an aside I will refrain from calling this an “elevated” recipe or taking garlic bread to “the next level“. Mama and I are not fond of those overly dramatic terms to describe our work and in this case we just have a simple and delicious snack.

Simple and easy.

So with that out of the way, let me walk you through the steps.

  1. Grab a loaf Villaggio Original Italian bread from the grocery store of choice. If you prefer more grains go for the whole wheat version. By the way these loaves freeze up perfectly in a deep freeze and will keep fresh for months.
    Villaggio Bread Easy Garlic Loaf
  2. Crank the oven on at about 375 F, grab a cookie sheet and some aluminum foil. Cover the sheet with the foil and lay out roughly 6-8 slices of bread.
  3. Use some pre-made Garlic Butter or just plain butter with either some garlic powder or freshly chopped garlic sprinkled on top. Leave one piece of bread unbuttered.Villaggio Butter Detail
  4. Slap all the buttered pieces together in a nice single file and than place that unbuttered piece at the end so you have unbuttered bread surfaces at either end. This helps to keep things nice and clean.
  5. Next use the foil you have been working on to wrap the bread together in a neat little package with the top open. This will not only keep all the goodness together while cooking it will also allow you to get creative with the top of the loaf.Villago garlic loaf ready for the oven
  6. Add toppings of your choice. In this case we added olives for me, sun dried tomatoes for Mama and of course a generous helping of cheese.
  7. Place this thing of beauty into your warm and toasty oven.
  8. Unwrap. Pull apart. Eat. Enjoy.
  9. Smile at your awesomeness.

Villaggio Bread Garlic Loaf

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