Don’t Worry ‘Bout the Rain – @RaincoastBooks Has You Covered

In light of the horrific weather down south, I will not complain about the torrential downpour we are receiving today or that we are supposed to we receive for the next few days.  Rain will not knock our house down like the tornadoes have done and the chances of our home floor are extremely minimal.  We are all safe and warm and dry.  Inside.  Together.  For long periods of time.  Give me a moment, please, while I work my way through this Polar Vortex, winter that would never end flashback.

OK, I’m better now.

Box Shot from Grow a Garden Matching Game

The Grow a Garden Matching Game is a sophisticated twist on an old classic.

Herbs Card from Grow a Garden Matching Game

The matching cards are durable enough to be played with regularly, without falling apart. The cards are thick enough and big enough for little fingers to pick them up with ease.

Red Rose Card from Grow a Garden Memory Game

The pictures on each of the cards are beautiful and more classic than the character based matching games.  Let’s face it – today’s favourite cartoon character is often a distant memory tomorrow.

Playing Grow a Garden Memory Game

And as irrelevant as it sounds – I love the box.  Not only is it also decorated, inside and out, it is as durable as the cards and flips to open.  Before you laugh it off – think about it for a minute.  Little fingers, the vacuum created when trying to open the box, lost/crushed lids.  None of those worries here.  It’s the details folks.

Canada Doodles

There are two new Doodles books out to keep kids occupied and engaged, without the use of electricity.  Canada Doodles is a compact book, exploring so many of the things we as Canadians take for granted.

Reading Canada Doodles

Snippets of facts and information are interspersed with poutine, hockey, and the TransCanada Highway.  There’s no reason to ever get bored.  I would think 10-12 year olds would get the most out of this book.

Fashion Doodles

Fashion Doodles is a full-size book, sure to please even the most discerning fashionista.

Reading Fashion Doodles

I mean, who doesn’t want to design outfits for you and your BFF?  Or dream of what your wedding dress might look like or draw a new suit for daddy?  What about a stylish new hairstyle to go with it, topped off with the perfect hat?  I’d recommend this one for the 8-12 year old crowd.

Disclaimer:  We were sent copies of the above items for review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions, however, are honest and my own.

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