Star Wars Reads Day 2014 #giveaway

I am all for just about anything that will get my kids to read.  And I will keep trying out new reading material until they find something that suits their fancy.  Mr. Anderson is an amazing teacher in our school and he shares this same philosophy.  E1 was not much of a reader when he hit grade 2, but Mr. Anderson persevered.  Sometimes the books were a little easier than they ‘should’ have been. Maybe there were as many animated pictures as there were words.  But either way, once E1 got rolling on the reading train, he never stopped.  Now that he’s in grade 4, they no longer have reading logs, but the school does want them to  read for 15 minutes each night.  Instead of stopping as soon as the timer goes off, he has always finishes the page.  Some days he even finishes the chapter.  E2 has the great privilege of being in Mr. Anderson’s class this year and we are doing everything to help the reading bug bite here, too.

Star Wars Reads Day 2014 DK Book Collection

Since 2012, when Lucas Films launched the initiative, Star Wars Reads Day has sought to spark the love of reading in Star Wars fans all over the world.  Last year, there were over 2000 events held.  You can check out the official website and Facebook page for a detailed listing of events near you.  If you can’t make it to an event this weekend (and hey, it is Thanksgiving, my dear US organizers), why not hold your own semi-official event?

Download this awesome file with all sorts of printable activities.

Looking for some reading materials?  DK Canada has a HUGE selection of Star Wars themed books.  Let me run down the handful you see pictured above.

Star Wars Complete Vehicles – This is the book for every engineering Star Wars geek.  Fold out, full-colour cross section diagrams of everything from a Swamp Speeder to the Millennium Falcon itself.

Lego Star Wars The Dark Side – The day that someone thought to combine Lego and Star Wars should be marked on a calendar somewhere.  Now your favourite builder (or shhh, maybe you, I won’t tell) can read and build along, without actually going over to the dark side

DK Readers –  DK Canada offers Star Wars reading material for even the youngest readers.  Titles like A New Hope are aimed at beginnings readers – lot of full-colour images, simple words, and a visual glossary help build reading confidence.

DK Adventures –One of DK Canada’s newest series offers more advanced readers a bridge between full-chapter books and the simpler DK Readers.  Titles like Jedi Battles still have loads of full-colour photographs, but also offer longer reading passages

Still don’t see anything you like?  Pop over and check out the Star Wars Reads Boutique and find something that tickles your fancy.


Lego Star Wars The Dark Side Giveaway

That’s right people – just to get you into the Star Wars mood, my friends over at DK Canada want to give one of my incredibly fortunate Canadian readers a copy of Lego Star Wars: The Dark Side  I won’t tell if you keep it for yourself, promise.  Contest closes October 20, 2014

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