Being #ThankFall

Our household has much to be #ThankFALL for this year.  This spring, Goose lost his job and after 9 1/2 long weeks of unemployment, was able to secure a position in Toronto.  This meant a huge shift for us.  Up at 5 am, Goose out the door at 5:30.  He would get to the office for about 7 am and be there until 6 pm.  If any of you have ever battle the 401 corridor/downtown TO traffic, you know there wasn’t much point in leaving before then.  Theoretically, he worked from home on Friday mornings, with Friday afternoons off. He was usually exhausted by then.  I ended up shouldering a lot of the parenting and for the most part, I did it willingly.  There were those in far worse situations.  The travel costs and parking fees ate big holes in our monthly budget.  Then there was the newer vehicle we had to purchase to get him back and forth.  Our faithful mechanic had broken it to us that his ‘03 hatch back was just not going to make it.  But we were making it.  There wasn’t a whole lot left – of the pay cheque, hours in the week, or us – by the end of the month, but we were holding it together.

Then, out of nowhere, a former VP came looking for him. Would he be interested in helping to set up a local office for an international warehouse logistics company?  The company is well established and needing to create a local office.  Very local.  As in a 10 minute drive from our house local.  And just like that, things shifted.  On the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Goose began his new position.  The stress and strain we didn’t realize we were under is quickly leaving.

Master Bath Disorganized Counter

Our master bathroom had become the one place we always met – at the beginning and the end of the day.

Master Bath Red Curtains

It was pretty much in the same condition it was when we moved in almost 5 years ago.  It sported the well-used, 12 year old towels.  Curtains that are far more suited to a living room than a bathroom.  There weren’t floor mats anymore – they had literally fallen apart with age and use.

Lindgren Pottery Green Planter with Ponytail Cactus #ThankFALL

When Target Canada asked me to update one room in our house, I knew this had to be it.  Two out of three of the kids’ rooms have been updated.  The colour choice was obvious:  this piece of Lindgren Pottery.  Goose bought it for me this summer, during our summer vacation.  Each year he picks a piece of pottery from the same potter to keep as a souvenir and slowly fill our home.

Sage Green Fieldcrest Carpet Runner #ThankFALL

I am #ThankFALL for this Fieldcrest carpet runner.  It is long enough to completely fill the space in front of our bathroom cabinet, where we stand and lean on each other while beginning and ending our day.

His and Hers Towel Hooks #ThankFALL

I am #ThankFALL for these His and Hers towel hooks, now holding the first new towels we have owned in over a decade.  Goose hung them just outside our shower.  Mine is closest to the shower door so I don’t have to reach so far.

Green Fieldcrest Towels and Washcloths #ThankFALL

I am #ThankFALL for a shower that has, pretty regularly, held all four of my children.  For a shower that still sports Princess Shampoo and froggy bath accessories, because, even though they have their own bathroom, our kids all still want to shower in our room.

Green Fieldcrest Towels on Edge of Tub #ThankFALL

For our new set of guest towels, I am #ThankFALL.  They sit at the ready for visitors – granddad stopping on his way to and from Toronto, relatives coming to stay over the holidays, neighbouhood friends coming for sleepovers.

Threshold Green Glass Square Container #ThankFALL

I am #ThankFALL for those four little pairs of ears, attached to those four little souls who fill our lives with so much joy.

Master Bath Pine Hutch #ThankFALL

And I am #ThankFALL for that old pine hutch, bought on a whim at a flea market in Quebec.  Stuffed into that old hatch back and toted all the way back to our home in Windsor.

Who knew that a bathroom could bring up so many memories?  Heaven help us if Target ever asks me to make over a bigger room.  What are you #ThankFALL for?  Tell me below for a chance to win a $250 Target Canada gift card

“Disclosure: I am part of the Target #ThankFALL influencer program run by The Influential Network. I am compensated for this post but opinions are always my own!”

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