Vegetable Garden Update

In an effort to be entirely transparent, I thought I’d give you all an update on the state of the vegetable garden.  It was a very wet and cool spring here and things were very slow to take off.  Once the plants started to grow and the seeds slowly popped, the weeds came right along with them.

Garden Overview

Things kind of look like an overgrown jungle.  Clearly, there are no pristine Martha-inspired raised beds here.  We have started laying grass clippings down the middle of the rows.  This should help our soil as well as keep the weeds down.  I feel more than a little bad for the builder behind us.  He has put up a model home and there isn’t a fence yet to hide the mess.  Thankfully, the last family to stop by didn’t seem to mind at all, and even came out to visit us.  Fingers crossed they are the new owners.

Green Beans

I planted green beans from seed this year.  About half came up.  The rest either rotted in the ground or were snipped off by the birds.  It was early enough, so I filled in the missing spaces and now we have two full rows.  We have had two meals and the neighbours one already.

Hot Peppers

As per usual, our hot peppers are popping out like crazy.  The sweet peppers not so much.  I am a little more hopeful for the sweet ones this year however.  Fruit has actually set.

Carrot Tops

The carrots had to be filled in, just like the green beans.  They were extremely slow to start, but are making up for lost time now.

Green Tomato

E3 has been dutifully checking his tomatoes every morning.  He has found a handful to share with his new friend, Simone.  She has a severe peanut allergy and he is limited in what foods he can share with her.  But his tomatoes are safe and he regularly takes her with him on his explorations.  The eating and canning tomatoes will be a bit yet, but I suspect we will be inundated before too long

Mini Pumpkin Blossoms

Of all the things that grew, it had to be the gourds.  Seriously.  The least ‘useful’ crop of them all.  I planted a mixed package this year and every single hill came up.  This one seems to be mini-pumpkin, although it’s anyone’s guess until the fruit appears.  The other vines – a watermelon, the cucumbers – not doing so hot.  I don’t really need to mention the zucchini, do I?  It’s kind of a given that they will produce.

My rhubarb has all had to be replaced.  It developed some kind of fungus and has to go.  I should have enough to make pie again next spring.  The first crop of radishes had to be tossed.  They were planted when it was wet and cold and ended up tiny and bitter.

So there you have it.  The good, the bad, and the terribly weedy.

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