Second Best Meatball Sub #WhatsCooking

Second Best Meatball Sub Using Classico Bolognese Sauce

Odd title, no?  But seriously, I cannot claim to make the best meatball sub in the world. No, that was found at a little submarine shop in town.  Queen’s Submarine is closed now, but it made, hands down, the best submarine sandwich anywhere.  It was right across from the drug store that I worked at, all through high school.  Every so often, on Saturdays, we would pop over there for lunch.  After stumbling upon their meatball sub, I rarely ate anything else.  I have tried, in vain, to find a shop that makes one that is comparable, but to no avail.  Instead, I humbly present you with the Second Best Meatball Sub, using Classico di Bologna Bolognese Pasta Sauce.

Meatballs simmering in Classic Bolognese Sauce

Mouthful, right?  Don’t worry – actually making the meatball sandwiches doesn’t take nearly as much work.  Using frozen, pre-made meatballs brings this meal into the ‘stupid simple’ category.  Pop the whole kit and caboodle into a slow cooker and you’ve pretty much guaranteed yourself a meal that is ready whenever you get home from sports practise or a long-winded church sermon.

Filling Submarine Buns with Cheese and Meatballs

(One of the other great bonuses of moving back home is that I again have access to the bread from this great little Portuguese bakery – who do make the best rolls around).

Green Olives on Second Best Meatball Sub

The one thing I did discover about meatball subs is that they need to have green olives.  A lot of things would benefit from green olives, really, but few things really need them. Meatball subs are one of them.  Haven’t tried it?  I’m so sorry.  You should go fix that – pronto.

Second Best Meatball Sub MBAMamaMusings

Kraft has posted their own version of a Meatball Sub.  Aside from the olives part, they have it pretty much spot on.  They have dreamt up a whole slew of recipes (over 400 in fact) that use their Classico pasta sauces, including their other new flavour, Classico di Molise Spicy Tomato & Parmesan Cream. I have not sampled that one yet.  I suspect it is something that Goose and I will like, and perhaps E1.  The rest of the kids are rather spice-averse.  If you follow me over on Instagram, I will let you know how it goes when I get a chance to try it.

Disclaimer:  I am a member of the Kraft #WhatsCooking Contributor group.  As such, I receive certain perks and compensation.  Whether they paid me or not, I’d find a way to replicate that meatball sub and my opinion would remain the same – it is good, but still second best.


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