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Super Cool Tech DK Book Review

It’s that time of year again. Time to start wracking our collective brains for creative gift giving ideas. Electronics and technology are generally pretty high on the gift lists around here. But they can add up pretty quickly, not to mention overwhelming evidence that too many hours with your nose stuck to a screen just isn’t a good idea. Super Cool Tech: Technology, Invention, Innovation from DK Canada.
Super Cool Tech is oriented to look like a laptop. Am I aging myself too much to say that I remember the first one I ever owned? Or how much it weighed? It was Goose’s hand me down that I needed for a final class Power Point presentation. OK, so now I do feel significantly old.

Super Cool Tech: Review

Super Cool Tech Open Book

The book is broken into six categories: Play, Movie, Construct, Power, Live, and Future Within those categories, the authors explore a vast array of ideas, complete with full-colour photographs and diagrams. Laid out in similar fashion to many popular website, each two-page spread houses a number of related ideas, each housed in succinct articles.
The topics cover ideas that kids are likely to be interested in. How was the XBOX One developed? How does the Kinect 2.0 work? What do the parts inside of a PS4 controller look like? (maybe somebody in your house knows the answer to that one already?) How do Ice Hotels work? What is a Gigafactory? What is Sheldon talking about when he is discussing, ad nauseam, Quantum Computing? The list goes on and on.
This book would be great for tweens and up. My favourite geeks here are all loving it. The articles are all short and varied enough to keep their attention. The unique layout also adds novelty to the reading experience. The topics also offer some unique ideas for those all-dreaded science fair projects that will begin popping up in the new year. Not a single one of the subjects in Super Cool Tech involves baking soda and vinegar – you can thank me later.
Super Cool Tech is available directly from DK Books or your favourite book store. If you want to really show off, order it in the eBook format.

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