Zing Thumb Chucks Review #AD


Blue Thumb Chuck Review

Have you heard of the new Zing Thumb Chucks ? Maybe not. I hadn’t either, until they sent me four pairs of them for the kids to try out. Of course, I’d love to show you a photo of all four of them, in their various colours, in their beautiful packaging. But I can’t. Apparently they were far too tempting and the packaging was opened with a speed I could only hope to see during our get ready for school routine.
For starters – what are they? Thumb Chucks, quite simply, are two rubber light up bouncy balls attached together with what largely resembles a shoe lace. Genius in simplicity, really. But what do you do with them?

Bluntly: a lot more than you’d think. What they really remind me of are the ‘old school’ toys, where you needed to work with the toy and use your imagination to figure out how to get the most out of it.
Thumb Chucks are based on a skill toy called the begleri. Zing Toys has totally main streamed this ancient fidget toy and brought it into the limelight. So much so that even Jimmy Fallon loves them. Take a look:

Our Thoughts on Thumb Chucks

  • Price point – They sell for about $10 apiece in major retailers. Not a horrible price.
  • Ease of use – There are a ton of videos on the Zing Toys YouTube channel to give you ideas on how to use the Thumb Chuck.  Fantastic marketing plan.  The longer my kids were {held down and forced to watched YouTube videos}, the better they became.  Quickly.
  • Hazard rating – While the light up balls are rubber, some of them may come off their strings.  We ended up dropping a dab of glue in a couple of ours, after a near miss or two.

Overall thoughts?

Thumb Chucks are pretty cool toys. I would recommend them for large spaces away from breakable objects or outdoors. They make a great rainy day basement keep busy activity. Or a get out of the house and quit pestering me to find something to do activity.

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