After School Snacks Made Easy with Hershey’s Pudding Cups

We’re in the home stretch of the school year and if I’m being completely honest I’m kind of over making lunches and afterschool snacks for four kids five days a week. Sometimes mama just wants to take a day or two off from thinking about and preparing everything from scratch. So when Kraft Canada offered to send me these individual Hershey’s Pudding Cups to try out with the kids, I naturally said “Of course!”

Product shot pudding cups

I have a family full of chocolate lovers – and they come by it honestly. This means that chocolate pudding is always a hit here whether it’s homemade or of the refrigerated pre-packaged variety. We all love Hershey’s chocolate so the Hershey’s Pudding Cups in Chocolate were a resounding hit with the kids. They inhaled them so quickly that I’m glad I got some pictures before they came home from school!

Pudding cups topview

The best thing about the Hershey’s Pudding Cups is that the kids can put them in their lunch boxes themselves and recycle the containers at school. I am *so* over washing recyclable containers at this point in the school year. I’ll happily wash the spoons assuming, of course the kids a) remember to take them and b) remember to bring them home, but containers of sticky stuff are a ‘no’ from the long weekend in May until the end of school.

Pudding cups pyramid
They say the proof is in the pudding but I’d say the proof of the popularity of the Hershey’s Pudding Cups is in the lack of pudding – as in there wasn’t any left after my kids started in on them. It’s a good thing there’s a printable coupon for 50 cents off from Kraft so I can go get my own pudding cups (and possibly hide them in the back of the fridge from the kids). You can also download coupons from websaver for the puddings which are in supermarkets now. In addition to the chocolate, there are also s’mores flavoured pudding cups available and since it’s not quite campfire and s’mores weather here yet, I can happily get my s’mores fix via pudding for the time being. If you’re looking for the Hershey’s Pudding Cups at your local store, remember that they’re refrigerated so they’re going to be in the cooler and not on the shelf.


Disclaimer: I am a member of the Kraft #WhatsCooking crew. As such, I receive compensation in exchange for writing about products. All opinions on this blog, however, remain entirely my own.

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