My Top Tips For Making Mega Summer Memories Giveaway

I’ve discovered that kids are just as excited about the little events in life as they are about the big ones. Sleep overs, trips to the beach, an afternoon in the sprinkler. These are the things that kids love. Sure, who doesn’t want to go on an epic week long adventure somewhere? Sometimes – yours truly. The thought of packing everything we need and herding every one somewhere is a tad overwhelming.
This year, we’ve been forced to slow down. Day trips are about our limit. What we have re-discovered is that our kids love having their friends over to just hang out. In these super hot days, a movie on the couch with your buddies is just the ticket. Here are my top 7 tips for making small memories have a big and lasting impression.

  • Don’t over think it. Your home does not have to be spotless. There do not need to be decorations or Pinterest-worthy goody bags. In fact, a whole lot of ordinary can making hanging out together more extraordinary.
  • Stock up on cheap snacks – and they don’t all have to be nutritious.  Homemade popcornis super easy to make. Some tortilla chips and hummus have a lot of staying power. In season fruit (sweet cherries, blueberries, strawberries), are minimally messy.  Paired with an easy store made or make ahead fruit dip and you’re golden. A couple of freezies never killed anybody. Sometimes – potato chips can be a food group.
  • Haul out some old bedsheets and towels. Cover up the couch and carpet and let them snack in front of the TV.
  • Retrieve those reusable drink bottles your kids used for school and fill them up with water.  It will keep the spillage to a minimum, as well as your stress.  Added bonus? The kids will rehydrate after all that heat.
  • Stay close by – but not too close. Let them have some squabbles and some disagreements.  Someone will stomp off mad at some point – guaranteed.  Equally guaranteed?  That same individual will be back in a day or two.
  • Don’t expect anybody to sleep during a sleep over.  Not until my daughter’s BFF had slept over for 4 nights did they finally get something like a full night’s rest.  Institute an afternoon nap if their cranky level starts to get unmanageable.
  • Use movies as viewing material, rather than the television.  A set beginning and end point should help keep your guests from watching random YouTube videos or other questionable content in the wee hours of the morning.

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PPS – here’s a link for some downloadable colouring sheets to keep your company busy.

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