Board Games to Help Make It To The First Day Of School

All in all, we have had a great summer here. But something about these last couple of weeks is making all of us want to pull our hair out. Maybe it’s the lack of structure or the heat or just too much togetherness – I don’t quite know what it is. We need some distractions to help us make it through the final stretch of the summer. YULU games to the rescue.

YULU Games Break Free Boar Game

YULU Games: Break Free

Those nice folks over at YULU sent us two different games to try. The first, Break Free, requires 2-4 players to handcuff themselves together. There are three levels of difficulty to this game. The objective is to unlock your handcuffs before your opponents and grab a colour coordinating token.
Here’s a quick demonstration:

E3 and E4 tell me they would definitely buy this for their friends as a gift, while E1 and E2 thought this wouldn’t be a great fit. This would put the age range around 5-10 years.

All of the components are made of plastic, but so far, they have stood up to multiple rounds of testing. The game is a rather quick one, providing just enough distraction and entertainment to hold E4’s attention. The boys often skip the coin collecting part, focusing on taking turns using all of the different maze pieces instead.

YULU Games SpyGames Safe Breaker

YULU Games: Safe Breaker

Our second mystery game was Safe Breaker. This game is slightly more complicated. I would suggest it’s better for the 7 and up crowd. Using a combination of skill and luck, the object of the game is to remember the correct safe combination so you can win all the coins. Don’t alert the police while you’re at it though – or you risk losing all of your money.

YULU Games Safe Breaker Board Game Review

This game does require 3-AA batteries (You will have to supply those yourself. Did you think this was 1980 or something?) This too, is a short round game, averaging about 10-20 minutes per game depending on the age of the players.
You can become an official YULU Spy Code Spy by joining the Spy Code Academy and using #YULUTOYS on your social media posts. You could even be featured on the website and earn exclusive rewards!

Disclaimer: My new friends over at YULU Games sent us these games to test out. They haven’t paid me anything else – but listening to my kids cooperate while they play this has been reward enough.

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