Creating a Study Space with Canadian Tire #CTBackToSchool

So, where have I been? Why have I not been producing riveting articles for my beloved readers? I will tell you – I have been re-modeling a room in our house so that our kids can finally have a study space. I’ve partnered with Canadian Tire to create a space for our kids to hit the books. Let’s begin at the beginning.

Yellow Room Large Window Metaltech Home Scaffolding

This space is a bit odd, to be sure. It is at the very top of the stairs and connects the boys’ bedroom and the upstairs bathroom. It is also accessible from the hallway. This huge window is a big bonus, flooding the room with tons of light. The three doorways, as well as a closet, do pose some logistical issues. The yellowish wall and ceiling colour was anything but inspiring. And yes, we own a scaffold for painting.

NOMA Austin Orb 42" Fan

With ceilings this high, there’s no such thing as too much air flow. Of course, the fan we had originally bought for this space is just a smidge too big. So, we picked up this one instead.

Sauder Sewing Table Antique Chair

This corner over here is mine. The Sauder sewing table is one that Canadian Tire used to carry. If you find one – buy it. It is insanely useful. Under that plastic cover is my mother’s original sewing machine. The chair was a salvage from Goose’s grandmother’s house. It was one of my first DIY upholstery jobs. Might be time for a do-over on that one.

Purple Grey Repainted Pine Hutch

The hutch was not always so colourful. Goose and I found it at a flea market in Quebec 15 years ago. We brought it home in our wee hatch back. How, exactly, I don’t know. Basic physics tells me, now, that we could not have fit it in there.
At any rate, I am not generally a fan of painting good wood, but this rustic pine hutch had seen better days and needed some sprucing up. I re-used the wall paint for the majority of it. The grey is Premier’s Asphalt Grey.

CANVAS Blaire Chair Clara Desk #CTBackToSchool

Now – for the piece de resistance from Canadian Tire. The CANVAS Clara Desk and Blaire Chair. This is not your standard put together furniture. It is extremely solid and well built. The melamine style paint finish looks like it is going to last a LONG time. And the adjustable height chair means even my kids and their mile long legs will be comfortable sitting in it.

Interior CANVAS Clara Desk Drawer

One of the most annoying parts of desks is the lack of built in organization. The Clara desk has wee compartments already. No more hunting for cute little containers to hold all your paper clips.
Even with all of this, we assembled the desk and chair in 50 minutes. Seriously. Goose popped the chair together while E1 and I got to work on the desk. This little job is totally doable as part of a weekend parent visit to the newly flown college and university offspring. Or, in my case, the first week of back to school. Whatever works for you.
Here’s my personal pro tip: Use the Canadian Tire app. It will tell you if things are in stock at your store, what aisle to find them in, and let you buy said item and pick it up. You can even arrange to do this at another store so you don’t have to defy physics and fit things into your wee hatchback car.
For now, I’m going to go back and put a few more finishing touches on the study room. ’Til next time.

Disclaimer:  Thanks to the kind folks over at Canadian Tire for sending us the desk and chair.  My kids are unbelievably excited to have a space to study and do homework (I also have swampland in Florida, if you’re interested).  This furniture is awesome – trust me.  I would tell you if it wasn’t. 

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