I Hope They Don’t Expect Me To Run #MyBetter

Dear friends at SportChek:

I’d really like to thank you for the recent bundle of products you sent me. All of the items fit really well and are incredibly comfortable. All I ask is that you please keep your expectations low, ok? Let’s just re-cap this fantastic outfit, shall we?

Reebok Women's Guresu Training Shoe SportChek #MyBetter

Like these Reebok training shoes you sent me. They are super comfortable and supportive. I have no idea if they are fashionable or trendy. I couldn’t pick stylish out of a crowd of two.
I was a little nervous, however, when I had a look at them on the website. I will not be training for anything, unless you count making it through each day in one piece. I am, however, really glad you didn’t send me a ‘running’ shoe. I can guarantee you, if you see me using such a shoe for it’s intended purpose, you should also kick it into high gear and get out of Dodge. ‘Cause #MamaDontRun.

Nike Hoodie SportChek #MyBetter

And about this Nike Dry Training Hoodie. This piece of clothing is a bit of a wonder. The arms and body are actually long enough for a non-standard proportioned torso. And it has pockets!  Finally a place to keep emergency tissues and gum.  I may actually be cool enough for the school pick up line, do you think?  Although maybe not. An awful lot of those moms look like they might be using those clothes for their intended purpose. I just hope I remember to take the tags off my sweater so my lack of athleticism isn’t too apparent.

Adidas Stadium Shorts SportChek #MyBetter

And then there’s these Adidas Stadium Shorts. I gotta hand it to you here – these are some of the most comfortable shorts I have ever owned. There’s an elastic waistband! Not since maternity pants have I found something so easy to pull on and live in. I totally feel like this is an expectation I can live up to. Sure, I’ll sit in a stadium or on bleachers. Give me a hot cup of coffee and I’m there. No athleticism required. And I can certainly cheer embarrassingly enthusiastic things with the best of them.

So again, thank you for sending this outfit my way. Each piece is going to get a lot of use. But please don’t expect Super Athlete Mom. I am just a regular mom, who appreciates well-built clothing and a solid pair of shoes.



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