History of Travel and Tween Book Recommendations

That DK Canada publishes beautifully illustrated books is no secret. But even among a pile of gems, there are always a few that twinkle a little brighter. Here are three of my favourites this season.

Smithsonian Journey An Illustrated History of Travel is a tome – let there be no doubt. It contains over 400 pages of photographs, paintings, and other illustrations that document our endless pursuit of faster and more efficient travel.

Human journeys have arisen from all manner of impulse, from migration and the search for food, to pilgrimages, trade, scientific curiosity, or simply the quest for adventure. Journey is a stunning visual guide to the stories of human movement and endeavour – from the first trade networks in ancient Sumer to the epic Voyager missions. Follow in humanity’s footsteps around the globe with exciting accounts of history’s most famous, significant, and thrilling journeys.
Discover biographies of conquerors, explorers, and travellers, stories of scientific discovery and technological innovation, stunning works of art, and catalogues of travel-related memorabilia.
This truly worldwide account is a glorious celebration of human journeys.

Alexander von Humboldt History of Travel Darwin

This isn’t a sit down and read book. This is a read a few pages and come back later type of book. Journey is loaded with 1- and 2- page spreads that offer fascinating bits of information you aren’t likely to find a whole lot of other places. For your ultimate traveller, it is also available in an ebook format.

Random Facts Book Myth Busting Book Tween Book

My next pick perhaps isn’t the most ‘pretty’, but it is pretty amazing (like what I did there?). 13 1/2 Incredible Things You Need To Know About Everything is not your standard book of random facts. In fact, thirteen of the information snippets are truth. The last ‘half truth’ is a myth or urban legend that is not really true. Case in point? Edison only invented the first affordable incandescent light bulb. Similar designs had been floating around for at least 50 years. Well now, that changes things, doesn’t it?

Book of Optical Illusions Tween Book Recommendation
My last pick is Optical Illusions 2. E1 loves going through this to fool himself and others with both the illusions in this book and the ones he can make from this book. Included in the book are several activities to punch out and amaze your friends and family. The front cover also doubles as an envelope to keep all the pieces.
Illusions 2 also explores the science and the mystery behind why optical illusions work (for most of us at least). This makes a great alternative to endless YouTube videos. And if you or the gift recipient get hooked, there are a whole series of Optical Illusions books to keep you entertained.

And that’s it for today’s instalment of beautiful books. Be sure to check out DK Books Canada for more ideas.

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